Bogart Productions has been in the film and television business since 1976. Pati Olson is the president and owner of the company. As an experienced producer, Pati has a passion for social/environmental themes, and for arts and animation stories. Her projects reflect that culture and people are a constant source of fascination. Audiences’ range from kids who love animation, to adults interested in thought provoking documentaries, to those inspired by great music and performances. Bogart Productions has worked with a wide range of partners and broadcasters in Canada and is actively pursuing an international presence in key world markets through some new projects.

Recent credits include "Heroine Healers" a documentary featuring Aboriginal women with diverse approaches to healing; "Coo Coo" an animated short about the danger of trains during rush hour traffic; "Filumena" an opera featuring an immigrant girl, a notorious bootlegger, and the trip that led them to the gallows.


Film Alberta Studio, #206, 5305 - Allard Way | Edmonton, AB, Canada | T6H 5X8 | Phone: (780) 461-9465